The Lowest Calorie Choices at Beefeater

I took a few days off last week to go and see my mum. We went to a spa on Friday (more about that in a day or two) and in a true tradition of balance that sums up NYNHB, went out that evening to the pub for dinner. I thought we were just going to one of the normal independent pubs that thrive near where she lives by the New Forest – so I was a bit surprised to find myself in an outpost of the Beefeater chain.

Now I’ll admit, I didn’t even know Beefeater was still going – there’s not one near where I live so I was quite interested to see what was on offer. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of steak, burgers and ribs but I was quite impressed with the spread of different choices they had… the end I was tossing up between the Veggie Enchiladas and the Linguine with Meatballs….and the Linguine won, and very nice it was too.

At this point though I realised I hadn’t done one of one of my calorie comparison posts on Beefeater so I logged on the website to see if they have nutritional information and, top marks to them, they do – albeit one of those tiny ones that’s a bit hard to read but, at least it’s there.

So, if you’re going out to Beefeater this evening and want to check out your calories the link you need can be found here. It gets a bit confusing as menus vary between whether you’re at an older style Beefeater (as we were) or one of the sites that they have modernised so you might need to check which you are visiting. Or you could just use this handy NYNHB guide to the lowest calorie choices to order…

Older Beefeater

On the Starter menu

Garlic and Herb Breaded Mushrooms are 315 calories if you just use the BBQ sauce as your dip – the Ranch adds another 114 per portion (eek).

Beef and Yorkshire Pudding – one of those menu surprises, I rejected this thinking it would be super-calorific – but it’s 359 cals

Tomato Soup – this is 344 calories

On the Main Menu

Absolute lowest calorie choice as shown is the Chicken, Bacon and Avocado Salad at 497 calories

If you don’t go out to eat salad, then plump for the Calves Liver and Bacon at 578 calories or the Vegetable and Tomato Linguine at 630.

Or, if you can go off menu – order the 8oz Fillet Steak with a side salad (no chips, sorry) for 463.

On the Dessert Menu

Plum Tart Tatin is 363 calories – without ice cream, custard or clotted cream.

Newer Beefeater

On the Starter Menu

Garlic King Prawns sneak the crown here – just pipping the Beef and Yorkshire above – at 346 calories

From the Main Menu

The lowest cal option is the plain Caesar salad at 357 calories (add chicken and you add 155 calories)

Or try the Oven Baked Seabass at 458 calories

Again, you can also use your willpower with those steaks and a salad. Or the Vegetable and Tomato Linguine falls to 544 in a newer restaurant..

On the Dessert Menu

They don’t list calories for this separately so I’m assuming the dessert menu is the same at both old and new restaurants.

What if you’re on other types of diet? Whenever I write these posts people ask me about other diets too – so, in the interests of fairness, here are the choices for you too.

Lowest Carb Choices

Old Beefeater

Starter: The 5 portion of Chicken Wings is 23.6g carbs with no dip – or try the Beef and Yorkshire Pudding – 27.1 g

Main Course: Rump of Lamb at 37.0g – or the ‘off menu’ Steak and Salad combo is 13.9g

Dessert:Chocolate Melt in the Middle – 53.6g

New Beefeater

Starter: Sticky Duck Wings 17.6g

Main Course: Caesar Salad 12.4g – adding chicken adds 0.1g of carbs

Dessert: As above

Lowest Fat Choices

Old Beefeater

Starter: Garlic and Herb Breaded Mushrooms with BBQ Sauce (no ranch) 13.8g

Main Course:  Vegetable and Tomato Linguine at 20.5g or  the 8oz Fillet Steak with a side salad is only 10.2g

Dessert: Plum Tart Tartine with no additions – 16.4g

New Beefeater

Starter: Garlic King Prawns have 15g

Main Course: Vegetable and Tomato Linguine – 10.6g

Dessert: As before

Lowest Salt Choices

Old Beefeater

Starter: Garlic and Herb Breaded Mushrooms – 0.9g with no dip, otherwise Loaded Potato Dippers with Cheese at 1.2g

Main Course: 8oz Fillet Steak with a side salad at 1.4g –  or Cod and Chips with Garden Peas 2.4g

Dessert: Lemon Meringue Pie 0.1g

New Beefeater

Starter: Beef pasties with 0.8g

Main Course: Caesar Salad is 1.5g – if you don’t want plain salad a 6oz Flat Iron Steak with Mixed Side Salad is also 1.5g

Dessert: As before

So there you go – and don’t forget you can also use the link above to check the nutritional information on anything else you want to eat. Have a nice meal.

Note: Images are NOT of Beefeater meals, pics from this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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