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I get a lot of books plop onto my desk each week but every so often one jumps up and down shouting, ‘read me I’m special .’ That’s what happened when the new book by New York holistic guru (and one of the many members of Team Gywneth) Dr Frank Lipman arrived. Why did I love it? Because it’s so simply done. It’s just a different rule on each page that aims to improve your health, there’s not reems of theories and information, just a simple ‘do this and you will feel better, live better, be better’ concept. It really is, as it says on the front ‘Simple Changes To Achieve Whole-Body Wellness.’ There’s over 100 tips¬†within the book, but here’s five of my favourites. NB: they’re a bit longer in the book, not much, but a bit.

Get your hands dirty – you body needs microbes from outdoors to keep your immune system strong. Dig in the garden or do cartwheels on the lawn (or beach!).

If you eat cows make sure they eat grass. Enough said. Grassfed meat is just plain healthier

Spend lots of time with people you love. Even if requires more effort than messaging them on Facebook make it happen.

Look up. Making eye contact and being present in your surroundings is something the age of smartphones has seriously messed with. Lift your head and be part of the world

Clutter is the junk food of the home. Clearing it out ungunks your gears and gets your energy flowing again.

I think it’s a great little book. Each tip is really simple and you get a real feeling that they can change your life, your health and your happiness. Check it out now on amazon, it’s published from today. New Health Rules, The

NB: I am an Amazon Associate so if you do click the link above I do make a small commission if you make a purchase. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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