The Bingo Wings Test I Hadn’t Tried Before

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You’re either going to love me or hate me after today’s post. I have come across a way to judge the severity of bingo wings (as we refer to them in the UK); or, for those other readers – that flabby bit at the back of your arm that wobbles when you wave.

Now, here’s some good news to start with – that wobble is normal for most women – if the muscle is relaxed it wobbles. The question though is how much is relaxed muscle wobble and how much is jiggly fat? And this where the test comes in

I came across it in Fitness magazine this month and it basically sees you getting into plank position (ideally in front of a mirror). Then, reach over to your right arm with your left arm, about halfway between your elbow and shoulder and see how much fat you can grab between your fingers. If the answer is more than about an inch, you’re carrying extra fat over the muscle, and, until this is gone, you’ll never have arms like Michelle Obama – no matter how many tricep dips you do.

Now, while still in position also look in the mirror – can you see definition in the tricep muscle in that position? If you can, good job – you’ve got muscle forming there, the more accentuated the curve, the better the levels are. If there’s no definition, you’re also going to have to work on toning the muscles.

I come out somewhere in between – I have definition (that’ll be 20 minutes of upper body toning every time I go to the gym), but can grab about an inch – which pretty much goes with the still need to lose 900gm thing!

So, if this is also you – what do you need to do? High intensity training will help shift the fat fast, and to tone the muscle? According to a recent study by the American Council on Exercise, THE exercise to do here is Triangle Push Ups, closely followed by tricep dips and tricep kickbacks. And here’s how to do them c/o a very handy video



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