The Red Bull Wings For Life Run – a race with a difference

I just heard about the Red Bull Wings For Life Run on May 3rd next year. And there’s a few reasons why this sounds fun

1) It’s worldwide. That’s right. 33 countries are taking part across the globe all starting at exactly the same time. 11.30am UTC, which according to Red Bull is noon UK time, 9pm in Melbourne, 7am in Florida and, sorry California, 4am for you. So, if you have a buddy in any of the countries you can race each other.
2) There’s no finish line. The idea is this. You start running, then 30 minutes later a chase car will start following the runners at a starting speed of 15mph. Your race finishes when the chase car passes you (dont worry, there are shuttle buses to pick you up, you’re not left stranded). The whole race finishes when just one male and one female runner are still going (that’s not in one race, that’s across the world). They will then be crowned global champion.

At this point lots of questions may be entering your head. The big one being – well if there’s no finish line, how far do I need to train for then? Will I be out there for days in a Forest Gump like fashion? Handily Red Bull have put a little calculator on the site that reveals some estimates. According to them, at my normal average race pace of about 6.40 a km I should run about 11km before the car passes me – that’s 75 minutes. If you’re a 4.30km runner expect to run about 3.15 and do a teensy tiny bit over a marathon (43km) before you get caught. If you’re faster than that, serves you right, you’re going a looooong way (NB; the chase car does speed up though you won’t be out there for ever!) I suppose the fun bit would be trying to beat their prediction.

Entry for the UK run which takes place at Silverstone in Northamptonshire costs £40 + VAT and raises funds for Spinal Cord Research. you’ll find more details at this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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