The Roxanne One Song Arm Workout

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Remember a few weeks ago I told you I’d joined a new gym and that, because each time I went I got my own trainer, I really didn’t know what they were going to make me do each session…..well, it’s all still going well and yes, they are still surprising me. In fact, they other day they surprised me with an idea so fun I managed to squeak out ‘well this is a blog post’ between the pain.

The idea is mind-blowingly simple and can be done anywhere, you don’t have to be in the gym – all you have to do is download the Police song Roxanne and grab some dumbbells. Then follow this simple set of instructions

Lie on the floor, take a dumbbell in each hand and extend your arms out to the sides, elbows slightly bent so your hands make a wide angled V – well actually it looks more like a tick, but I can’t find that on my keyboard. Turn your palms so the weights face toward your feet.

Now, as the song starts, lift your upper arms and elbows off the floor just a little bit and hold them there while Sting does his thing. Keep doing that until you hear him sing the word ‘Roxanne’ – at this point, and every time he does the same, you bring your palms in toward your head stopping when they are roughly shoulder width apart then push the dumbbells straight up toward the ceiling and back down – as if you were on the chest press machine but while lying on the floor.

Do this every time Sting says Roxanne – and in between return your arms to that ticky, slightly off the floor, palms to your feet position.

At first you think this is easy – but after the second chorus when you realise that you’ve got to hold your arms still with weights in them, you’re desperate for Mr Save The Rainforest Tantric Sex Guru to get to the Roxanne bit. And the verse where you think there’s a Roxanne coming – but he says something else instead makes you want to scream as you realise you can’t release the lactic acid just yet (although frankly everyone in the room the day I did it lifted it up anyway).

if you have no idea what the song I’m talking about sounds like, here it is for your listening pleasure.


I loved the Rozanne workout – it also reminded me of another killer song workout challenge I mentioned on here from personal trainer Stuart Amory that sees you mixing up moves to the Moby song Flowers – and I know there are a lot of other one song workouts out there. So I have to ask – what other ones have you tried? .


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