The Sonicare Face Scrub

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Okay, so this is weird. Yesterday I exfoliated my face with an electric toothbrush – and I’m not totally sure why.

If it was a dream, I suppose it could have been worse......

If it was a dream, I suppose it could have been worse……

I’m pretty sure I read about this idea in a magazine this weekend – and that it was recommended by a dermatologist – but, when I went through all the pages I tore out of my mags, I couldn’t find it anywhere. This could either mean I had some odd cheese related beauty dream where a facialist angel spoke nonsense to me – or, it could actually be out there somewhere in the pile and I just can’t see it, who knows.

Anyway, once I’d got the idea in my head it had to be tried – particularly when fate intervened and The Boyfriend bought new toothbrush heads. This meant the old, broken in, soft one was going begging.

Now before you shriek euuuuwwwww – I didn’t use it as is. One of the ‘useful’ things I have learned in my job is that the average toothbrush contains 100 million bacteria. The brush head was therefore given a small bleach bath and a lot of dunking in boiling water. Then, on went the Carrot Butter Cleanser, on the forehead went the Sonicare and brrrrzzzzzzzzzz. Two minutes of vibration later and I’ve got watery eyes, an itchy nose and an unbearable urge to sneeze –  but my skin has a nice glow. today I seem to have a spot on the side of my nose but no other untoward side effects. I’m figuring it’s like a Clarisonic but without the three figure price tag.

A quick google seems I’m not alone in trying electric toothbrush exfoliation – other beauty folk have done it – and some swear by it. I’m not sure I liked the feeling myself. Thankfully, in today’s post appeared something I’ve been waiting for. The Ayvo which claims to be the Clarisonic’s budget rival (though from my reading I think it just spins to do its work, it doesn’t have magic sonic cleaning powers revving up the brush). Watch this space and I will reveal how it compares in the cleaning (and nasal/ocular aggravation) stakes….

Main image: @ Emma Innocenti


  1. Sofie

    Hahaha that just sounds too funny!!

  2. Josip Paigot

    Thank you for the honesty. I am a new blogger and still learning the ropes! I definitely will be using these tips to publish good comments!
    Thanks for giving the information it is useful.

  3. M.D.

    While I was brushing my teeth, the brush hit my face and I thought this could work. I thought I was crazy for thinking about doing this! Naturally, I Googled the idea and came across your blog. I really appreciate you taking the time to post your experience! I have no choice but to try it out. I will definitely post the results.

    Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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