The Squash Busting Kitchen Gadget I Love

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Every time I finish cutting up a butternut squash I send up a little prayer to whoever it is that controls these things that I still have fingers – so when, I saw news of a new gadget called the Scoopsaw by Chef’n designed to make the process a little less painless I asked if I could try it out ASAP. It arrived a couple of weekends ago – and OMG it’s brilliant. You wouldn’t think it would be when you see it as it just looks like a plastic spoon with Freddie Kruger’s fingernail inside it. But my squash was sitting ready for it, there was a soup I wanted to make and so I gave it a try.

First up is the saw bit, which, erm not surprisingly you use for slicing the squash. It’s quite thin and when you first place it on the squash I was really scared that it was going to snap off and fly into my face, but it’s got a super-sharp angled blade that cuts squash skin like the proverbial knife goes through butter and, once you’re in, just like cutting down a tree, you then saw your way through to the other little side. It’s a deceptive little device. I normally use a knife twice the size of this to cut squash but this did much faster. I did still fear for my fingers but it definitely got through it. Next up though was the bit I truly loved – the scoop.


It’s almost like insult after injury when you drag the squash over to the sink to remove the seeds and pithy stuff with a spoon as it feels like you’re there for days – and there’s always one seed that makes it’s way into the oven as I lose patience (not one of my virtues), but with this, it took seconds – and then, with a reassuring clean sounding scraping noise, all the seeds and string were in the sink and it was back to the chopping board. Honestly, I can’t believe how easy it was – admittedly then I had to chop it into smaller pieces before I could pop it in the soupmaker which was its normal task of torture but at least the first bit went well.

So, if you like squash but hate all the faffing around that goes with it, this could be the answer to your prayers. You’ll find it at Lakeland plastic or via amazon at Chef’n® Scoop Saw.

Oh and Chefn’n also do a kale stripper which gets rid of the stringy stem bits. I have that in my ‘to be tested’ pile as this was supposed to be a dual post but they only had ready cut kale in the supermarket when I went shopping. I’ll let you know if it’s any good.


Main image: Lakeland Plastics

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