The Test That Predicts Longevity; You Can Do It In The Lounge.

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The Boyfriend and I have spent this morning rolling around the floor and grunting a lot. No, this isn’t some 50 Shades style confession, we’ve been trying to sit down and then stand up from a sitting position without using our hands for either move in an attempt to test how long we will live for.

The reason is that a team of researchers in Brazil have found out that, ahem, more mature folk, who can do this have a better chance of living a long life than those who can’t. I bet the fabulous lady up the top there can do it blindfolded!

Now our problem was we first only read a tiny mention of the study – and have therefore been attempting to do this.

In the trial though the test read ‘without worrying about the speed of movement try and sit and then raise from the floor using minimum support’ I can sit down okay, but need a hand behind me to stand up. Thankfully this did only knock off one point (out of a possible 11) and so I’m probably not shuffling off this mortal coil any day too soon.

My theory is that it’s a lot to do with upper thigh strength and so I will be spending more time on the leg press from now on in an attempt to master the no hands move. Oh, and if you’re wondering why it’s linked to longevity at all it’s because if you can spring up/down no hands required you’re likely to be physically fit, a healthy weight and got good co-ordination/balance (and therefore probably good cognitive skills) all of which increase your risk of longevity.

If you want to see the full test in action, here’s a video by the lead researcher Dr Claudio Gil Araujo. The press release for the study is here if you want to read more.

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  1. peonut

    Now you’ve got me trying it, too! I had to get out of bed to try it, the first video made it look so easy – sitting down’s fine, but sitting up’s tricky!

    1. healthehelen

      It’s compulsive – we spent at least 30 minutes trying it and coming up with different theories/techniques as to how you can do it.

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