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Well that shows how little I’ve been posting recently – it’s time to talk about my Healthista page again;  this month I’ve been talking about all sorts of exciting things including posh pot noodles from Itsu, some new sports called Teqball and Ovasinax, a trend called Psychogeography, why breakfast might not be the best meal of the day and more – but before you click over there to find out about those things, check out the below – my absolutely favourite thing I talk about on there.

It’s the new Daily Greatness Training Journal I’ve acquired – the pink one above. Subtitled  12 Weeks To a Rocking Fit Body & Mind not only does it let you mark down how well (or otherwise in my case) you’re doing with your workouts – it also gives you heaps of motivational quotes; questions to ask yourself and things to check. Here’s are four of my favourites…..

The Quote: I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy; I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

Kind of relevant right now as I’m really having to force myself to do my training for the half marathon I’m running in a month. I’m behind and it’s going to hurt if I don’t pick up my weekday runs.

The Question: What did I enjoy about today?

Often we focus too much on the negative – find a nice thing every day and you will be happier. Find a nice thing about your workout and you will go back.

The Most True Comment: The difference between the body you have and the body you want is the choices you make.

Yep, it is -said the girl who had the jalfrezi platter and a Coors in the pub last night.

The Thing I Need to Work On: Who are your five closest friends?

No, this isn’t a sad, I’m so lonely plea; instead it’s asking about friends that are supposed to motivate me to train and right now I don’t have any in the same town as me. In fact my closest running allies are in New Zealand and the USA – you can’t meet up with them on the weekend. I need to think about fixing this one.

In a nutshell, I love this journal – just don’t spend so long filling it in that you don’t actually get to do your training! If you want one for your very own, you’ll find them at

Oh, and I still can’t tell why I’ve been lacking the time to run/post/wash my hair – but soon, I promise. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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