The Trick That Boosts Kettlebell Squats.

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If you’re using kettlebells to tone or strengthen your legs – then I learned a handy trick yesterday.

First up though the news that I have joined a new gym. I haven’t been able to get to my old gym since last September – I know, I know – so in April I made the decision to cancel my membership. The day I did it felt like there was something wrong in my life – I can’t remember when I didn’t have a gym membership, but that club wasn’t working for me so…..

I had already decided to join the no-frills gym The Gym but still I kept putting it off, but the other morning I just thought – do it – logged on, paid my £20 joining fee and signed up for my £16.99 a month membership. As soon as I clicked accept I felt healthier, like it was a new start. Part of the package is three sessions with a personal trainer and so I signed up – admittedly, purely so I knew I would go at least once.


Beam me fitter Scotty

I met Kerrie at the scary entrance (anyone else thinking Star Trek – or The Fly) and he took me through a 30 minute workout using kettlebells and body weight – and it was tough. Really tough. Having to put my head between my knees tough (admittedly I haven’t eaten a carb in 7 days and was still slightly in ketosis) but he taught me a handy little trick.


This picture would probably be captioned ‘Less happy person using kettlebells’

If you’re doing squats with a kettlebell, do it standing on two benches. Why? Because normally when you squat with a kettlebell your movement is limited by the bell touching the floor. Do them on a bench however and you can go lower – and before anyone says – but I thought you were supposed to only squat to so your thighs are parallel to the floor – that’s old thinking, new thinking says it’s okay to go lower if your knees can take it. Neat trick huh…..(or did everyone already know that).

Anyway, I ache nicely today and am suitably motivated to go again on Monday. Mission one – get my routine back, then we’ll worry about getting my fitness back (and hopefully getting some muscle strength again, I miss muscles!). I’ll also keep you posted about how I get on using a gym without the bells, whistles (or battleropes) of my old one.

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