The UK Blog Awards: I got a prize!

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Last night was the awards ceremony for the UK Blog Awards. I had planned to do a run-up post yesterday showing you my outfit and all sorts, but life is most definitely getting in the way at the moment and so it was all I could do to run out of the house wearing a cocktail frock in time to get to the venue in London.

Yeh, yeh, I can hear you saying, stop whining Helen, cut to the chase. What did you win?  Well………….I got the Highly Commended Award for Individual Health Blog. I was a little bit excited to say the least – there was some squealing and a four letter word as I saw my face flash up on the screen. I’ve got a certificate and everything – look up the top there.

Admittedly that means you’re not reading THE best health blog in the UK (that is Chris’s Cancer Community) but you are reading one of the next best (The Limping Chicken was also highly commended) and that works for me. So thanks to all of you who voted to get me in the final – and to the judges who decided that this blog was prize worthy, even though it does write about fluffy stuff like high protein ice cream.

All in all it was a fun night out and I got to meet some great people. Nic from Nicsnutrition who I’ve spoken to on the phone but never actually seen in person, Julie from The Fat Girls Guide To Running, Hero from Muddy Stilettos and Rona from Flowerona. However more usefully for you guys I also made an amazing discovery enroute.



I had spotted in the schedule that the food at the awards was described as a ‘walking food service’ – my powers of deduction led me to work out this meant canapes. Knowing that a) canapes never count as food in my eyes and b) that I can never really be bothered with the faff of trying to hold them, a bag and a drink, I decided a sandwich on the train was the best plan for dinner (yes, I am a Woman Who Eats on Trains, sometimes it’s do that or don’t eat). It was gone 5pm when I got to the M&S near the station and so pickings were slim. I stared at the shelves for a bit. None of my normal choices were available and so my eyes wandered to a section I never normally bother with. ‘The Feel Fuller Longer’ sarnies.


It’s not that I have anything against them. They’re actually lower in calories than a lot of the other options and they normally sound more exotic too, but I normally avoid them because frankly, they’re £4.00 a sandwich and my normal choice of Ham Salad with Mustard Mayo is almost half that, but wow, what a revelation. The sandwich itself was tasty enough – although as was double layered it was not dainty eating – but it does what it says on the tin; makes you full.

At the Awards I ate a samosa but nothing else. I had a fair amount of champagne which normally sends me into ‘Food; Where is food?’ mode, but as I got back to the station home at 11.30 I wasn’t at all hungry. Of course, I had a celebration pasty on the train home ‘just because’ – but I didn’t need it (and there, in one sentence, lies why I have to run a lot). So, that’s it now – M&S Feel Fuller Longer all the way.

Oh, and if you’re inspired by the fact that if I can get an award, anyone can, entries for the 2015 Awards open in July – visit for more details.

#UK Blog Awards 2014 Highly Commended


  1. Angela Dowden

    Well done Helen, you deserve it – great blog! 🙂

    1. healthehelen

      Thank you.

  2. suesconsideredtrifles

    Well done! I didn’t find you on the evening and have been extraordinarily busy since then. I remember you commented on my post about whether I had made a mistake entering. I don’t regret it in the least now. The evening was thoroughly enjoyable and I met lots of interesting people. My first post about it is and I am working on another as I forgot some people and the goody bag deserves a mention! Sue

    1. healthehelen

      I was a bit shocked when I saw my face appear to say the least! Look forward to seeing the next post.

      1. suesconsideredtrifles

        🙂 this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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