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Yes, I admit it, I’m a sloucher – a dreadful one. I know the sensible thing would be to start doing pilates again and work on straightening up properly, but it’s hard and want a nice quick fix – cue excitement when the people behind The Up-Shirt suggested I try one.

Hot from Paris this is a t-shirt with added posture controlling panels inside. From the outside it looks more of less like a normal t-shirt, but put it on and you’ll feel a subtle pull around your underarms and shoulders pulling you gently into a more upright position. But not forcing you into one, I wore it for a day and ended up straighter but not with back ache. That’s the good news.

The bad news…..this thing costs 127 Euros, that’s over £100 – and it is completely see through and the most unflattering item known to mankind. They sent me a white one, never a good choice, I don’t wear white because it makes me look ill and it shows every single lump and bump – multiply that by about a thousand with this shirt. It fits very snugly showing off bits of back I normally hide  but to add insult to injury, the panels actually trigger bulges where I don’t normally have them. Every bra I own is visible in it and the sight of my stomach (including visible navel at some angles) was enough to make me cry. I would suggest wearing it under your clothing, but, did I mention, it costs over £100 – for that money I want it  as visible as humanely possible. In fact, I want it printed with a big label that says ‘this t-shirt cost me over a hundred quid.’

So, sadly it’s a great idea, appalling execution – or maybe it’s just aimed at all those French women who don’t get fat and therefore don’t have lumpy bra bulges! If you’re one of those, you’ll find it at

It looks even worse than in this photo - I'm not showing you the back

It looks even worse than in this photo in real life – I’m not showing you the back this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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