Manuka Doctor: There’s a buzz about this acne fighter

Manuka Doctor is honey based skincare

I read a brilliant tweet from Dr Christian Jessen the other day. He was saying, how during boring medical conferences he gets the urge to shout out words like ‘colon’ – I’m sometimes like that during press conferences, particularly beauty ones, when they’re trying to dress up something as radically new when it’s just a basic moisturizer.

No such problems at the recent launch of Manuka Doctor skincare though. It was fascinating. The products use a mix of Manuka honey and purified bee venom to fight ageing and acne (there’s a different range for each issue).

Now for starters…..bee venom. Who sat there one day and thought ‘hmmm, you know that stuff that comes out of the bee’s sting, wonder if we can prove that cures spots?’

Turns out the answer to that was the Korean government who, while investigating other bee by-products like propolis and royal jelly gave venom a go and found out that if you purify it, it becomes mega concentrated and fights the p.acnes bacteria that causes acne. It also reduces the amount of cytokines produced in the skin during acne attacks tackling the nasty red inflammatory side of things. There’s also a science behind the anti-aging effects of bee venom including the ability to inhibit production of the MMP proteins that break down collagen.

However the thing that fascinated me most about all the facts I learned from the Manuka Doctor crew that evening was how you get venom out of a bee. The answer is you put a little bit of vibrating mesh in the beehive and turn it on for 30 minutes a day – apparently, the bees like the sensation, get all excited and then sting it leaving venom on the glass beneath. Because their sting doesn’t get ripped out, the bees don’t die and can buzz again another day. Brilliant.

Manuka Doctor Fights Acne

So, what about the products? They’re nice, not sticky, not too antiseptic smelling for something with Manuka in and incredibly pure for those who like that kind of thing. And the company is owned by two luvverly New Zealander’s so I like it. Find the range at Holland & Barrett . I wrote this post a few years ago, but since then Manuka Doctor have extended their range and collected a few celebrity fans – most notably reality TV star, and member of the internet’s First Family, Kourteney Kardashian. She told website Refinery 29 that her daily skincare routine uses the Foaming Face Wash, the Toner, the Gold Dust Firming Serum and the Replenishing Oil. Kool.

If you’re interested in all things Manuka honey you might also want to check out another post I’ve written on how to tell if the honey you are buying is actually the real thing. Turns out that Manuka is one of the most faked food products out there – and if it doesn’t meet certain criteria it won’t work that well.

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