The Anti-Smell Sports Bag: Kit You Didn’t Know You Needed

I have a confession – I am obsessed with products from JML Direct. Every time one of their press releases drops into my inbox, I get a little shiver of glee as to what the madness might be this month.  My favourite ever was Shower Feet –  flip flops that you wore in the shower. They stuck to the bottom of the tray, you popped shower gel on your tootsies and then rubbed your feet upon the bristley/pumicey soles for a bend free wash and scrub – brilliantly insane!  Sadly I can’t find them on the website now so obviously I was the only one who found them fascinating.

Last month’s moment of joy came from The Anti-Smell Sports Bag. Apparently, it contains a (truly fabulously named) anti-pong patch that absorbs moisture from soggy gym kit. This dries the kit faster reducing odour. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

I, of course, emit only a faint odour of roses when I exercise, so I gave it to The Boyfriend to test – he’s renowned for leaving his gym kit in the back of the car for a week; personally I think he does it to try and get the weights to himself. After one day, yes, the kit was dry and not hugely stinky, after five days we stood in the hallway sniffing the gym kit vs a towel left in his normal bag (and people think my job is glamorous). The result – the ASSB clothes were slightly more fragrant than the towel, though definitely not pleasant; while that doesn’t sound brilliant, The Boyfriend’s gym kit did once trigger evacuation of the laundry room so it was a vague improvement.

My verdict: For £4.99 it’s not an expensive purchase, but don’t expect miracles from it. I think it’s probably better for morning exercisers who keep their kit under the desk for a day, than say, mums of teens who forget to bring home the washing for a week. Now, please can I test something pretty; even just talking about hallway day has made me feel queasy.

It seems that JML Direct don’t stop the Anti-Smell Sports Bag any more, but you can buy it on amazon. Just click the link to head to their page.


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