Time for a Holiday Runstreak

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Are you looking for something to keep your motivated enough to exercise over Christmas and New Year – well, one potential fun idea plopped onto my Facebook page this morning. It was an invitation from one of my friends in the US (Hi Lily) to join something called Holiday Runstreak.NB: no actually nudity is required to take this challenge.

The idea is pretty simple – from today (Nov 26th) until January the 1st you try and run at least one mile every day – it doesn’t matter how fast or how slow, you just need to do the distance. Hey even with the craziness of Christmas, we can all fit a mile right?

Well saying that I know that there is one day where it’s extremely unlikely that I will be able to run a mile as I’m on a plane – unless you count the running on the spot I do in an airplane toilet in an attempt to prevent deep vein thrombosis (which, actually, as I’ll be wearing my Fitbit – I theoretically could!). I’ve already started with two miles this morning – considering it’s a super busy day today that’s actually a huge achievement as normally I’d just sit at my desk grumbling that I was too busy to run.

However, I have done a runstreak before (See my post on it here) and there was one important thing I learned while I was doing it – I am therefore naming this…

The First Rule of Runstreak. 

Do not use Runstreak as an excuse to not run for as long as you normally do.


That is the one negative thing I found could come out of it – I’d head out of the door saying ‘well I only need to do a mile’ – and if I was busy, tired, hungover (hey it’s Xmas) that’s all I did do, when normally I’d do 2 miles, 3 miles, 5 miles – or whatever. My rule this time is to run the distance I would normally do on running days – and just fit in a mile on days when running would normally go completely out of the window.

So who else is up for the Holiday Runstreak challenge? If you want to make it official, sign up at their Facebook page here

If runstreaking is not your thing, what are you doing to keep yourself motivated to move over the holiday period?



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