Today I needed Gymspiration

I did not want to do my run this morning. I had a late night, and a leetle wine, yesterday and running, even just the relatively short 50 minutes I was supposed to do today was not appealing. I got out Google maps trying to plan a route, nothing was inspiring me – and then I remembered that I’d written a whole blooming book about ways to get inspired to exercise when you don’t want to go – and so I used one of my own tips. Run Your Route Backwards.

It’s so stupidly simple you can’t think it can make any difference, but it really does – uphills become downhills, you see things from different angles and it really is like running somewhere new. I also played a game where I try and spot at least three things that made me happy during my run. In the end I found five…..

Two horses crossing the road – not on their own, that would have been more worrying than happy making.

A sign that said ‘baby rabbits’ – even just the phrase baby rabbit makes me happy

The sun – it’s still out and it wasn’t super hot

A dog with a ball – dogs with toys always make me happy, they look so proud of them

A really spiky branch sticking out across the pavement – I was happy because I spotted it rather than it getting thwacked in the face. Also, it amuses me that it’s making a break for freedom and not following the planty-line all its fellow spiky branches are taking.

All this joy and happiness though did come at a cost . Five minutes from home I got a bit excited and sped up – then something in my knee went ping. Ignored it for about 20 steps until it became clear that my knee was no longer enjoying the running experience. I walked for a bit tried again and – ouch – thankfully it didn’t hurt to walk on it so I walked the rest of the way home and hit the freezer for ice cube. The fact that I can walk on it means I haven’t done anything serious- but I’ll test it tomorrow and hopefully get out for my 2 hour session. If it hurts, I’ll take a break and run later in the week. I’m attempting not to panic. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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