Trend Alert: Fitness Skincare

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Yes, that’s right. Beauty products made specifically for exercisers have arrived. Now I know you might be looking at me as if I’ve fallen for a big pile of marketing hype, but stick with me here, there’s good stuff behind the gimmick. The range is by a company called Mio and the idea is simple. The products are designed to be used before or after exercise to enhance your workout results – as well as make your skin look and feel nice. I’ve had a few of them to try out over the last couple of weeks and can safely say, they’re lovely. My top two picks are these….

Workout Wonder

This mentholy gel is designed to be used either before exercise to get your muscles primed to move- or after to celebrate a job well done.

Because I have enough trouble forcing myself out of the door as it is, I was not going to be rubbing anything in pre-workout, so instead I choose to use it for the latter job applying it to my neck and shoulders after my post run shower. The pepperminty smell reminds me I’ve done my body good – and theory is that after a while you’ll associate the scent with that good feeling so you can use it to motivate you on those ‘I can’t be arsed’ days.

On top of that, after about five minutes this lovely cooling sensation starts to spread across my back helping relax and area that normally gets unhelpfully tensed when I run.

If you like the sound of that, just click to buy Workout Wonder here.


Liquid Yoga

I’m a sucker for a bath product – and this is a great one. Containing the same minty scent formula as Workout Wonder Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga Bath Soak (200ml)– something the company call V-Tonic – it also contains a soothing mix of lavender and citrus that relaxes you even as the bath runs. But it doesn’t just work by scent. It also contains Arnica and Epsom salts which help soothe tired muscles. That’s right, all the benefits of yoga in your bathroom, there’s no leggings, no omm-ing and no staring at the butt of the person in front of you required to chill out. I likeee.

Of course one company doing something does not make a trend – but Mio aren’t the only company tapping into the post fitness market. You can also check out the Superfit range by Rodial. I haven’t had the chance to try this, but I hear rumours it’s winging it’s way over to me in the very near future. I’ll keep you posted. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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