Try This: The Sun Walk

In London (or happy to travel there) and don’t have anything in your diary yet for June the 30th -well get your decorated bras ready as The Sun Walk is happening.

Some of you may have heard of The Moonwalk, a night based walk through the streets of London wearing decorated bras. I admit I haven’t done it. I don’t mind the 26.2 mile walk, I could possibly deal with baring my stomach in public for a good cause, but the idea of anything that requires me missing out on sleep is not appealing. I love to sleep. Some days I wake up looking forward to going to bed again. The Sun Wal, however,r is the Moonwalk’s day based little sister and therefore somewhat more appealing – not least as I do quite like the idea of a long haired fluffy bra like that one up there.

Taking place in London’s Battersea Park it offers a mix of events – a 5k, 10km and a half marathon (all walking events, no running allowed) and, all participants over 13 get a bra to decorate and wear on the day (younger children can still take part in the 10km and 5k, just without the bras, check the website for age restrictions). Plus there’s loads of entertainment for when you aren’t walking. The entrance fee is £27 per event and you’re also asked to raise £100 in sponsorship which goes to the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

To see more visit – oh, and if you are a bit worried about baring your stomach in public, don’t be. Not only are the heaps of other women doing so – of all shapes and sizes, if you really feel shy, there’s a section on ‘belly covering bra decorating’ tips on their website. Personally I’d go for lots of beads hanging off it. I like a bead. this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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