UK Restaurant Chains. Where to Find Their Calories – and What To Pick

Here’s a fascinating statistic, over 100,000 people have visited this blog looking for the calorie counts of the chain restaurants in the UK.
It’s been updated a few times, calorie counts have come and gone, new restaurants have appeared and others have vanished off the face of the earth but one thing is still true, while there are some restaurants with calories on menus – a lot of others still don’t publish their calorie counts – or, they make them tricky to find on their website if they are one of the restaurants with nutritional information online.

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As regular readers of this blog will know, I eat out A LOT and the fact that it’s virtually impossible to determine the calorie counts of anything on a restaurant menu – except, possibly, a plain grilled steak with a plain salad – drives me insane. 

I find it a bit daft really – I suppose they think people might think twice about ordering the pasty, chips and beans (ahem) if they see it has over 1200 calories a portion, but looking at it from the opposite angle, wouldn’t you be more keen to eat out if you knew that at Zizzi you could have a creamy Funghi Risotto and a Baby Gem salad for just 479 calories, or that the ultra-indulgent sounding Duck Confit with Orange Sauce at Cafe Rouge is only 426 calories.

Even side dishes throw up surprises – the ‘avoid like the plague as it says butter’ side dish of buttered spinach at Loch Fyne has 46 fewer calories than the steamed vegetables!

This post aims to help you find what you’re looking for. It tells you what chain restaurants do publish nutritional information – and which don’t.

For most that do, it also pinpoints one or two of the lowest calories dishes on the menu that you can order – and, in case you have something else in mind, it will show you where you’ll find whatever calorie information is available from the chain in question as of July 2019.

My advice is to bookmark this post on your smartphone, so, next time you’re out and want to know the calories at a restaurant chain you can click back here, click on the page of your chosen restaurant and make the right choice. So, here goes….

A Guide to UK Restaurant Calories

The Good Guys

These are the chain restaurants in the UK that fully publish their calorie counts on their websites in some way or another.

Ask Italian

Lists calories for all their dishes broken down in categories like starters, pasta and pizza. Careful though, the first column is only by 100g, you need to check the second column for the full serving sizes. Looking here you’ll see your best choice is the Pollo Milanese at 480 calories. Find the full list here 

If you love Ask, you might also want to check out the Ask Cookbook. Click here to check it out.

Bella Italia

It’s pretty easy to find the Bella Italia nutritional information and calories as they list everything via a clearly marked link on the website.

You’ll find it here if you want to go and investigate.

Everything is listed by category. If you want to save some time, check out this post on the lowest calorie options in Bella Italia where I’ve sorted them out for you. 


Have a lovely clear calorie list of everything on the menu. It’s a bit tricky to find Bills calories at first – you need to pick which restaurant you’re dining at and then, click on the time you’re dining – ie breakfast, brunch, dinner etc – that brings up the full menu – and then, hiding at the bottom is a button marked nutritional information which gives you everything you need.

If that all sounds a bit time consuming, try this link which is for the latest on the day I write this (but they do seem to update them quite often). A few low-cal breakfast highlights are the Eggs Benedict without Hollandaise (244 calories) and the Smashed Avocado and Poached Eggs on Toast at 426.

Love the food at Bills? Why not try and rustle up some his dishes yourself – he’s written heaps of cookbooks including one full of super easy recipes. Click here to check it out – or to find other Bill Granger cookery books.

Cafe Rouge

Have a full list of calories on their website of breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

The big surprise of the Cafe Rouge calories, was that 426 calorie Duck in Orange Sauce I mentioned above, but some other good choices would be the Moules Provencales at 479 calories or the Chicken and Avocado salad at 348. Find the full list of Cafe Rouge calories here.

Want to treat some friends to dinner at Cafe Rouge – or heaps of the other restaurants chains we mention here – you can buy them a High Street Dining box – you pick up the tab, they eat the food! Check it out here. 

Loch Fyne

Are completely open about the calories in their fantastic fish dishes publishing a full list of them.

Not surprisingly, the more simple the fish the better – the best starter to order, for example, is a couple of oysters with lemon, vinegar and Tabasco at 60 calories each. The Steamed Bream is just 274 (plus whatever side dish you choose). We’d go buttered spinach at 50 calories a serving.

Pho Cafe

This Vietnamese chain not only publish their calories, they keep them pretty constant too.

I recently went to check on a post where I picked the lowest calorie items and the menu, and nutritional information was pretty much unchanged.

There’s a lot of healthy dishes on the Pho menu, so many I’ve written an entire post on choices in Pho under 400 calories. Click the link to check it out. 

Pizza Express

Not only do they offer the Legarra range at under 600 calories to minimise temptation when you sit in the restaurant you’ll also find a full list of Pizza Express calories on their website.

You’ll find the link here on their Frequently Asked Questions section.

The lowest calorie pizza on it is the Leggara Wholemeal Roasted Veg & Ricotta at 439 calories. 

Pizza Hut

This one is big and it has very small type, but if you scan down to page 37 of this document (told you it was big), you will find a list of all the Pizza Hut calories.

You do have to a little bit of maths as they list them by slice, but they definitely aren’t hiding anything.


Have all the Prezzo calories listed on a nice easy to see list that matches the menu.

Lowest calorie choice is the Grilled Chicken Breast with Mushrooms (384). The Garlic Mushroom is the lowest pizza (595) and for pasta it’s the Pancetta, Pea and Mushroom Penne at 492 calories.


While they list the calories in every dish – it’s a bit of a palaver to find them.

You need to go on the menu, select the dish you fancy and then go to the read more section, but they are on there.

If you want the hard work done for you, head over to my post on Wagamama Calories where you’ll find all the highlights – spoiler, The Pad Thai Salad is the absolute lowest in calories.

Wagamama also have a few different cookbooks if you want to try whipping up some of the favourites yourself – get started with their original book The Wagamama Cookbook. Click here to have a look or buy it now.


Click on the menu section of their website and you can have all sorts of Zizzi calories fun.

They let you filter the menu so you only see dishes of under 600 calories (make a list and take it with you) or, scan down a bit further and you’ll see a button that says ‘download nutrition’ where you’ll find everything. It’s here if you’re in a rush.

The lowest calorie dish at Zizzi is the Spiedini Pollo at 316 calories, or, if you fancy going vegan, the Vegan Beetballs Polpette is only 235 calories.

The OK Guys

These at least give you some clues as to what is in things – although, they don’t always make it easy. Here’s what you can find out…


They don’t publish the calories, but for a while, if you tweeted them at @giraffetweet on twitter, they were telling people what was in the dish they were after.

Some examples from the twitter feed included the Halloumi and Feta Pide at 468 calories, the Smoky Chicken Pide at 538 and I found out that the lowest calorie choice is the San Fran Super Salad, but they didn’t say how many calories it had.

However, it seems things have changed and now if you want to find the Giraffe nutritional information they ask you to email to get calories – and it can take up to a week for them to reply!!!! Best plan your visit in advance.

The Others

These are the chain restaurants that don’t publish their calories anywhere – well that I can find at least. You do find some sites online saying that they have the calories but I’m not sure where they have got those from.


Chiquito nutritional information is a great mystery! But they do say your server can suggest some lighter options for you.

Cote Brasserie

Sorry, guys I can’t find a link to Cote Brasserie calories anywhere on their website. 

Frankie and Benny’s.

If I had a pound for everyone who comes to this website looking for Frankie and Benny’s calories, I’d be richer than Frankie and Benny.

They are part of the same group as Chiquito and so don’t publish calories. Just like Chiquito, they say ‘We don’t currently publish a full list of calorie information for our dishes. However, your server will be happy to recommend one of our lighter and healthier selections.’

Interestingly, the group that owns the two also bought Wagamama which is super transparent on their calories so here’s hoping they’ll follow suit.

La Tasca

I can’t find a list of La Tasca calories anywhere. They don’t mention them.

Las Iguanas

Can’t find the Las Iguana calories or Las Iguanas nutritional information listed anywhere and they don’t mention anything about them.


They used to publish a full list but not any more. They are rebranding though with fewer sites so maybe it will come back.

TGI Fridays

Say that they don’t publish specific calorific content, but all Fridays meals come with the Five Easy Pieces Promise – if you would like to swap your fries for vegetable or salad, just ask as we’re happy to adapt any meal to suit our guest’s tastes and dietary requirements.


On their website it states. ‘Nutritional information and calorie counts are not something we currently have available, though it’s something we are investigating. If you are looking for lower calorie items we’d recommend our salads (without the tortilla bowl and perhaps with dressing on the side), vegetable or steak tacos (without cheese), or anything from the grill (grilled steak, chicken or fish).’

Wahaca might not publish their calories, but they do have a cookbook so you could make your own versions that you can work out the calories for. Click here to check it out or buy it now. 

So, there you have it, as many restaurant calories in the UK as I can find. Did I forget anyone? If so, please pop a comment below and I will add them to the list.

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  1. Nandos – burgers have the fewest calories, followed by pittas and wraps are far higher! Chicken breast burgers (333) are the lowest, vegetarians could go for veggie burgers (433). Sides-wise – ratatouille is your best bet (108) and if you’re looking for something sweet a passionfruit gelato is great (122).
    Yo sushi do calorie menus online – very healthy – as do Carluccio’s – less healthy – but pan fried sea bass is good (518) and all the salads are under 600 except for the primavera.
    Hope that helps 🙂

  2. hey helen! awesome post! i’m searching for the calorie counts for strada as I am going there tomorrow, and am on a calorie cut – on the strada allergens page they seem to have gotten rid of the link to download the calorie info! i don’t suppose you had a copy of the calorie info downloaded by any chance?

    thanks so much!

    • I don’t I’m afraid – and I’ve hunted round the site (they often like to hide these things in odd places) and you’re right it looks like they’ve removed all their nutritional information which is annoying. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Hi Helen, love the sharing of information.

    I’ve been converting the nutritional information for UK and US restaurant chains into tables for the general public to use. It’s colour coded based on an adult male but the point is that you can see the raw numbers and where the high levels of e.g. sugar are from the colours.

    I hope this isn’t seen as “spamming” your comment section but I thought i’d share a link I’m trying to find Frankie & Benny’s today and that’s what led me to find your page.

    I see you updated in June 2017, if you are still active with this I think you’d find my site really useful. I have just over a dozen UK restaurants to go through including Cafe Rouge, Zizzi, ASK, Prezzo etc. as it’s clear some of these restaurants are deliberately making it difficult to find out the information.

    Al the best,



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