Rude Health Veggie Bars: Yummier Than They Sound

Rude Health Veggie Bars

‘We’ve got veggie bars,’ – said the PR. ‘They’re made from Pumpkin and Beetroot.’ ‘Great,’ I emailed back (actually thinking, dear god why would I eat that?). ‘Pop some in the post to me.’ So, onto my desk plopped three Rude Health The Pumpkin bars and three Rude Health The Beetroot bars – that was about a week ago, there’s now one beetroot bar left.

In the right hands this becomes an afternoon sweetie treat


These are NICE – they’re actually a mix of vegetables, fruit and nuts – not as I was expecting some kind of Twix shaped pumpkin slice. Soft and chewy, they’re just sweet enough to taste like a treat, but with an added spice kick. The Pumpkin ones went first – they taste like something you should eat on Xmas Day with Brandy Butter (thankfully I didn’t have any Co-Yo left or I could see that turning into a major dip fest and me lying on the sofa groaning ‘healthy food can make you fat too’).

Then all that was left was beetroot. Tasting this was a nervous moment; I like beetroot, I’m in the rare minority who like beetroot juice, but a bar of the stuff? It just doesn’t seem right.

In reality it’s not bad, but I’m still not absolutely convinced by this one – it’s got that slightly metallic muddy taste that you get in beetroot and while the spice and nuts cut through that it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice for an afternoon treat – but it’s definitely not ‘oh god, someone give me a tissue to spit this into’ either. If you don’t have a hugely sweet tooth you’ll probably really enjoy it.

So how weight loss friendly is are they – well the bars are 121/118 calories respectively and it’s got zero saturated fat and 5/4g (respectively) of unsaturated.

Veggies in places you’re not expecting to see them is a growing foodie trend so, expect to see more such offerings in the future. In the meantime, the Rude Health veggie bars launch this month at Planet Organic priced 99p each or you can buy them in bulk from amazon. Here’s where to find The Beetroot ones. And if you prefer the sound of The Pumpkin then you can go here.


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  1. The Landy

    Now I must confess to drinking beetroot juice from time to time also, but a bar of the stuff?? I’d have to give it a go, I guess…!

  2. Nichola Whitehead

    Great post! Must try these 🙂 Nic

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