How many calories do you burn climbing one stair?

calories burned by one stair

Okay, I admit it, I may have been fibbing a teeny tiny bit over the last 10 days. I may actually have been on my Japan trip and written a few posts before I left. See I’m a paranoid person and it didn’t seem the most sensible idea to be putting ‘my house is empty’ on the internet…..but wow, what a trip it has been – there was robot seals and naked bathing – and I got buried up to my neck in sand. More updates to come over the next few days, just got 863 emails to tackle first, but as taster, ever wondered how many calories you burn going up stairs? Here’s your answer c/o ‘Creative Lifestyle store’ Tokyu Hands in Harajuku – also know as one of the most amazing shops to wander about in in the world. The fact that I then spent a good hour – and therefore about 150 more calories – walking round the beauty and fitness floor alone with my mouth wide open isn’t factored in.

I talk a bit more about what I bought there here, but in case you chanced upon this post via the magic of google and are thinking – well that’s useful, what other helpful facts might I find out on here, I suggest you maybe take a look at some of my other favourite posts with calories as their theme – or just click on the weight loss tag attached to this post.

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