Warm Up Your Workout: With A Nostalgia Playlist

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You probably know that the music you listen to on your workout can make it feel easier – but did you also know it might make you feel warmer?

A piece of research from the UK’s University of Southampton, says feelings of nostalgia make us warmer – and therefore listening to old tunes while you workout could help you beat the cold.

I’m not totally sure about that, but one of the tips in my book (did I mention Gym-spiration at any point?) was to create a nostalgia playlist as thinking of the memories the songs recreate as you hear them makes your workout go faster. So, how can you do it….

Actually, there’s a few ways. Warning, you might want to get today’s exercise done and dusted before you start this. There could be wallowing, tears over lost loves (or outfit choices) and a LOT of singing of power ballads.

Method One: Think of a year in your teens when you were really into music – then type it into either YouTube, Spotify or google ‘Top Selling Songs’ or ‘Number Ones’ for that year. Pick the first 25 songs that come up and download them.

Method Two: Go through your old photos, or the school yearbook if you have such a thing, and download any song that springs to mind.

It might be things that remind you of friends, of teachers, of events – even hairstyles can bring a song to mind.

If I do this I get a strange mixture of Our House by Madness, Tainted Love by Soft Cell, the soundtrack to West Side Story and I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany!

Method Three: Go really old school. Think of songs your parents or grandparents would have listened to while you were growing up.

Again for me this means a mix of The Stylistics, Diana Ross, the soundtrack to the King and I, Delilah by Tom Jones and Stand by Your Man by Tammy Wynette.

Trust me, it really does make your workout fly by.

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