Warning: Moreish Snack Alert (and weirdly, it’s gluten free)

I realise it’s been a few weeks now since I updated you re the lost half a stone – it’s still gone. I am successfully maintaining my weight while watching portions extremely carefully and sticking to the rule of emergency carbs only (that’s one I really, really, really don’t want to deny myself). It’s been going great and the scales have not shifted. Yet…….

That does not look like an 'emergency carb'

That does not look like an ’emergency carb’

You see in the last few weeks every PR in London seems to have launched something biscuity, branny, oaty or generally nibbly and is despatching it to me in shiny pink envelopes. Do they not know how hard I worked to shift this weight? Did they not read the post about me vomiting!!!!

Currently in my house,  I have a box of the new All Bran Red Berry Crunch cereal, a packet of Belvita breakfast biscuits which I’m too scared to open – but can’t bring myself to throw away – and the Conscious Food Gluten Free snack range.  All of these are calling – ‘Helen, Helen, eat us – it’s your job to review the products.’ I was doing alright ignoring the siren call of the All Bran until The Boyfriend decided to have  a 9pm cereal attack and I dived in the next morning ( it’s divine – although I am limiting myself to 25g portions with Total Greek Yogurt to keep the protein levels up and the calories under 150 a go). The Belvita I’ve hidden, but when it came to the Conscious Food goodies, there was no hope.

In my head, the gluten free fairy and the carb and calorie fairy can’t exist in the same food and so I feel I can eat it anything ‘free from’ with impunity. I’m not alone with this belief – it’s called the Health Halo – and it is making a lot of people fatter!

Ginger Crunch - wheat free and yummy

Ginger Crunch – wheat free and yummy

Thankfully, unlike a lot of ‘free from’ goodies these treats aren’t that calorific in small portions – and they’re extremely flavoursome and chewy so you only need small portions. I can’t decide which I like more – the Ginger Crunch (which are a mix of amaranth, sesame, coconut and ginger – and which weigh in at 47 calories for a 10g serving) or the  Millet Biscuits with Cinnamon (38 calories for two). In fact, it’s taken me 90 percent of both packets to try and decide on a favourite.

See, I bet they don’t tell you any of this at journalism school. It’s all ‘you’re going to have to be ethical, tell the truth and ask difficult questions.’ No-one mentions – ‘and have willpower like steel to avoid all the free food!’ Should you wish to investigate the goodies yourself, you’ll find them at consciousfood.co.uk


Main image: freedigitalphotos.net


  1. Claire

    I’m addicted to the Belvita biscuits … I have to ration myself! I would keep them hidden if I were you!!!

  2. Arian

    We have the breakfast biscuits here, not sure if they are the same brand or not. But they are yummy and come in individual little packets inside the box, very good if you don’t want to eat the whole lot in one go!

    1. healthehelen

      But I do want to eat them all in one go and little bits of cellophane won’t stop me!


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