What Are You Hungry For? Asks Deepak Chopra

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Deepak Chopra is the A-listers spiritual guru of choice but his book ‘What Are You Hungry For?’ he’s not just trying to get your mind into shape but your body. Here’s what it’s all about.

Chopra’s firmly believes that many people’s issues around their weight come from their mind.

His main argument is if your mind isn’t feeling fulfilled, it will try and find that fulfilment in other ways – and food cravings and hunger is a relatively safe way to do it.

The problem is, your stomach can never supply enough of what is missing and so you constantly battle your body (when what you need to sort out is our mind).  He says we should be aiming to fill the body with healthy food, the heart with joy, compassion and love, the mind with knowledge and the spirit with equanimity and self-awareness. When all these elements are full, we won’t need to seek out extra food

While he does talk about eating well – something he calls Awareness Eating – this is not a diet book, it’s a mind makeover and even just following a couple of tips from it have cheered me up. Here are two of my favourites.

Think Lighter

Based on the idea that light is the opposite of heavy – what you’re trying not to be – alongside the fact that light nourishes at every level, this sees you looking for new ways to bring light into everything in life. So try things like

Eating light, fresher foods – think fish over meat, salad over carbs, water over sugary soft drinks

If you’re drinking alcohol, think lighter alcohol – my new fave wine is Miranda Summer Light which is just 5.5%. The red one is really, really nice. You’ll find it in Tesco.

Wear lighter colours – at this time of year, it’s very easy to sink into black or grey. Today, wear yellow or pastel pink and see how you feel.

Do one thing that makes you feel lighthearted – or one thing that lifts a weight from your shoulders.

Take your exercise outside

Do The Opposite

For one day – or a week change your behaviour by doing the opposite of what you normally do – and see how it changes how you feel, think or act. For example…..

Turn routine into surprising – I’m a big fan of trying new things – even as simple as a slightly different food (that’s why you get posts on things like Brussels sprout juice on here!)

Turn passive into active – whether that means swapping an evening passively sitting in front of the television for a more active night doing something like bowling  or reaching out for something you’ve always wanted rather than waiting for it to come to you

Turn dull into vibrant – your outfit or your conversation

Turn stale into fresh – rearrange your office or lounge and see how it changes perspective; throw out some clutter (have a look at the Get Chucked Challenge here) or wear something from your wardrobe that never normally sees the light of day.

In my case, that’s wearing a pair of shoes with big red bows on I absolutely love but I’m pretty sure that when worn with opaque tights make me look like Minnie Mouse. I decided to hell with it though- they’re going on!  After all, who doesn’t like Minnie Mouse!

You’ll find the book in bookshops and amazon.co.uk from today.*

NB: I am an Amazon Associate so if you do click the link above I do make a small commission if you make a purchase.

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