What does your earworm mean (plus some great running headphones)

I’m a little bit fascinated by the concept of earworms – those songs that whizz round your head and won’t go away  (I’ve covered them before here) – so it was no surprise that today when I saw a tiny comment on them in the Daily Express that I decided I’d found the theme for today’s post.

The theory came from lifecoach Martha Beck. She says that snatches of lyrics or poems you hear in your head are what she refers to as ‘song angels’ – and, that if you google the lyrics of the song that won’t go away you often find the solution to a problem you’re facing or a clue to something you need to pay more attention to in your life. In other words, earworms are potentially little therapists nagging at you to sort your life out!

My current earworm is from the soundtrack of the TV show Nashville. It’s the song Telescope  by Hayden Panetierre’s character Juliette Barnes. Not sure what that says about my current state of mind but I’ll let you know if I work it out.

Oh, and while I’m in a musical frame of mind, this weekend I tested a pair of iLuv Fit Active headphones, £24.99. Made for exercisers, they are earbud phones but with an added little hook that anchors them just that little bit more securely into your ears.

Note the handy little hooky thing

Note the handy little hooky thing

They were really comfortable and, even when I pulled on the wires while running they stayed put. However, they really came into their own in the hotel room. I can’t sleep in a silent room and the hotel I was in in Portsmouth had super-quiet air conditioning. I therefore had to turn to my white noise app to give me enough background noise to fall asleep.

Normally this is a fraught encounter as every time my earphones fall out (which they do pretty much every time you move) I wake up again – these stayed put. Admittedly, they aren’t that comfortable to lie on, but I found just putting in the ear that was away from the pillow side was enough to get results. So, exerciser or insomniac, you might want to give them a try. You’ll find them here

Ha, I was just editing this post when the WordPress Daily Post email came in suggesting everyone write about what their earworm is today…..coincidence? Maybe not!

image: freedigitalphotos.net

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