What happened when I went to Rebounce class (yay: there’s smiling)

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Trampolining and rebounding is currently the exercise equivalent of Hansel – it’s so hot right now. In London you can’t chuck a stick without hitting a new trampoline park or bouncing class (don’t try the stick chucking thing – it’ll rebound back off the trampolines, they’ll be nosebleeds, it’ll get messy) and so, the other Sunday I hopped off to Putney in Southwest London to give one a go.

three women on rebounders

It’s called Rebounce and it’s run by Missy Frank – that’s her at the front looking jumpy.

What is Rebounce?

It’s an exercise class on mini trampolines.

I was really looking forward to this class as in my head it involved me simply jumping up and down indulging my inner Tigger for 45 minutes – maybe at different speeds and heights.

Even my stupidly unco-ordinated body could manage that.

Now I admit that the fact that it’s held in a dance studio and created by a choreographer should maybe have alerted me otherwise but, no….

Anyway, I started off getting to grips with my mini-tramp (okay, that sounds weird).

Sadly, unlike big bouncy trampolines jump height is not what you’re aiming for on a little one. Instead you aim to control your bounce pushing the weight down rather than flinging yourself up.

Missy also explained that if you jump too close to the front you will find yourself shuffling closer to the front of the room – stay in the middle. I was far too wary of the whole thing overbalancing to move from the middle trust me, but a few jumps in and I’d got the hang of it.

What Happens in Rebounce Class?

The class began….with 120 crunches (wasn’t expecting that but it was okay) – then there was music, there was bouncing, there was a routine for each song.

Oh god.

To be honest the moves were pretty simple – it’s things like twist to the side, bounce on one leg, kick your right foot forward, kick your left foot back, bounce round in a circle. Normal people would be able to cope…my brain however, is able to remember five moves and then basically….


It explodes with information and simply can’t cope….however in this class, it doesn’t really matter – I did the five moves I mastered, then I just bounced up and down in whatever way I felt worked for me until we got to the bit where we did the ones I knew again.

Other people were doing the same and what made this class truly different was – they were smiling – yes, people were having fun.

All hail the goddess of trampoline for she has brought joy back to exercise.

Basically I had a blast and, while I was sweating masses it wasn’t super intensive and at no point did I feel I couldn’t keep up which was great. It’s also seriously low impact.

Tip Tips for Rebouncing

A couple of tips if you do try it – wear your best sports bra unless you want boobs down your knees by the end of it (I even dragged out the Panache one I virtually dislocate my shoulder to get into) and, don’t be scared.

When you are scared you tense your feet and put your weight through your toes – this will cause your feet to hurt and you will have to keep wiggling them (don’t ask me how I know this!).

Right now Rebounce is only available in South London – in Putney on a Sunday and Clapham on a Wednesday and you do have to book in advance as spaces are limited – but, do book, it’s fun. Here’s where to book your Rebounce class. 

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