7 Simple Ways to Liven Up Greek Yogurt

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I admit I’d always been a bit afraid of Total Greek Yogurt  (or Fage as some of you might know it)  – even the 0% fat one. I couldn’t see that anything so thick and creamy could be a good food choice – but I wrote a piece for this month’s Woman and Home magazine and at least two of the experts I interviewed suggested swapping your normal yoghurt for no-fat Total as it’s a lot higher in protein. And then the lovely Educogym people suggested the same thing which meant it was officially diet-sanctioned calories. Next thing I knew I was hooked.

The other afternoon though I didn’t just fancy plain yoghurt, I wanted an extra flavour boost. We were out of berries, I don’t like honey, The Boyfriend has nommed his way through the peanut butter – but then I opened the cupboard and found the protein powder…..’Hmmm, went my little mind….I wonder what will happen if I mix them?’

I put one teaspoon of strawberry powder into two tablespoons of Total – enough to make it go a satisfying pink.

My first thought on tasting it was ‘I just made Angel Delight for bodybuilders.’


It’s really, really good – and, according to my maths, it tots up at about 100 calories and almost 20gm of protein.

Admittedly, that’s twice as many calories as in 100gm of Total alone – but still, that’s nowhere near diet-busting – and it does double the protein which should make it even more satisfying. If you try it, let me know what you think. I’m now desperate to break open the big pot of chocolate whey in my office!

Oh and if you need a few more innovative ideas to liven things up….try these

Finely chop some apple and add a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg and it’s like apple pie

Mix in peanut butter and mashed banana – or even easier to blend is a peanut butter powder like PB2

Hemp seeds add a little bit of crunch – and also a healthy dose of omega 3 and omega 6. You’ll find them in health stores or buy them online

Add some beetroot, savoury yogurt is a big trend – but adding a little sweet beetroot is a happy compromise.

If you prefer really savoury you can even make it into a dip with sundried tomatoes. Click the link to find the recipe.


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