What Type of Runner Are You?

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I decided on yesterday’s run that there are two types of runner – I’m not talking about fast or slow, I’m talking about people who can run in shorts that look like the ones below and those who can’t.


It turns out I am most definitely in the ‘can’t’ camp. I bought the shorts from Aldi months ago as I liked the colour but hadn’t actually got round to wearing them. Yesterday though was a dire situation in the ‘gym kit’ drawer, everything else was in the washing bin and it was them or nothing. As that didn’t seem a sensible option I figured it was them.

I put them on and actually they look really nice. Because they’re cut up at the sides I look like I’ve got endless legs and because they’re flared and hide the erm, larger, bits at the top of my leg quite well I also look like I have long, shapely, muscley legs – I am like the Taylor Swift of the running world in these shorts. And they are purple. I am pleased with my purchase and head out the door.

About fifteen jaunty little steps down the road and I’ve got my hand clutched to my butt. And all that’s going through my head is “I can feel a breeze, why can I feel a breeze. Am I flashing the old ladies at the bus stop? That’s not nice for them. I hope they aren’t shocked.  Oh, god. An old lady might die of shock because I haven’t done the washing for a fortnight. I’m going to hell.”

Much clutching and butt feeling while I ran a few more steps ascertained that no I wasn’t flashing anyone – and I was wearing my special triathlon running knickers under them anyway so even if the bottom of the shorts was flailing like a flag in the breeze I wouldn’t have flashed too much – but still I have never felt so bare on a run. Because they’re so high cut on the sides (curse you Taylor Swift running legs), they get a bit flippy as you move and feel like they’re exposing everything. I wasn’t happy but as it was wear them or go home I had to head off down the road. I did spend much of the run though fiddling with them and my top to try and stop the breezy sensation.

So even though these are actually more flattering that my normal cycling shorts, and make me feel like a real runner, I’ll stick to my normal black lycra numbers I think. So, what type of runner are you? A shorty shorter or a cycling shorter?


  1. Kat

    Haha! I love this. So funny and so true. I also own running shorts… Which are never worn for actual running!

  2. The Sartorial Coquette

    great post – you made me laugh out loud!! 🙂 i’m definitely a shorty shorter but i can see why you have a problem with those 🙂 <3


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