What’s your discomfort food?

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There’s a fantastic idea in this month’s US Health magazine – they suggest that to boost the variety in your diet you try a discomfort food every week. That means either tasting a food you’ve never had before, or re-trying a food you don’t think you like.

I decided to give it a go – first up was kale, I’d never tried it despite it coming out time and time again as THE most healthy vegetable you can eat. It’s lovely, particularly in Asian noodle dishes instead of bok choy. I also drank red grape juice (more on that in a day or two), and ate pumpkin falafels (yum) however, The Boyfriend, then pointed out that my ultimate discomfort food is Marmite.

Marmite: The Nastiest Food Known to Mankind

I loathe it. I can’t tell you if I’ve ever eaten it as the smell alone makes me gag but, apparently, it’s good for you (B vitamins and all that) so I figured, okay we’ll see. After all, until a year ago I didn’t think I liked olives – then a 1hr wait for a table in a Madrid restaurant with a bowl of them in front of me disproved that belief. I eat at least five a day now, maybe I’m wrong about Marmite.

The Boyfriend offered to make it for me, giggling maniacally as he slapped it on a bit of toast. He even had the camera ready..

This is what happens when a hater eats Marmite

This is what happens when a hater eats Marmite

My first thought was it doesn’t smell on toast – result. I then took a bite. It didn’t taste too bad. Then I swallowed and the aftertaste hit. OMG, it really is the nastiest substance known to mankind. I had to drink half a pint of milk to get rid of it. Never ever again. So, what’s your discomfort food? And are you brave enough to try it?

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