What’s Your HMI – introducing the Haddock Mass Index.

The other day I was going to a work event in Covent Garden at a place called the Hospital Club. The event was on the second floor and so I was in the lift staring at the walls, as you do, when I noticed something special about the sign. Normally lifts have boring signs telling you how many people they hold (which are kind of redundant as the answer is  ‘as many as we can cram in until the alarm sounds’) but the Hospital Club tells me something different. It says the above…

This made me a giggle a lot. And then it made me think. I already live by the motto that age is just a number (albeit attempting to block mine out with the help of acting anywhere between 7 and 17 most of the time and the liberal use of products delivered by needle) but weight – that’s something that can make or break my entire day.But perhaps if I simply measured myself in haddock, I wouldn’t stress too much. After all, the 9.7 haddock equivalent sounds much better than 111kg  (if my sign related maths are right). I am therefore proposing I shall now forget about stones, pounds and kilos and instead think of myself in terms of the equivalent number of haddock – aka The Haddock Mass Index.

Note: I don’t know if, in reality, the average haddock weighs about 11.5kg as the sign might suggest, It’s my theory and I’m working with it.

This image first appeared on instagram.com/healthehelen. If you like this post, you’ll like it there too. It’s just as erm, abstract!.

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  1. Jonelle Patrick

    Haha, I think you’ve convinced me to switch to haddock. I’ve been weighing myself in Legos (on this handy Lego scale http://bit.ly/15GSlgU), and the numbers would be three orders of magnitude better if I use haddock!


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