Why you shouldn’t swim in contact lenses.

Many of you might be shocked right now – ‘what do you mean you can’t swim in contact lenses?’ you’re saying.  ‘And why? After all, most lens wearers have no idea they shouldn’t swim in their little circular vision improvers. But there’s two main reasons why it’s a really bad idea. For starters they can float out of your eyes (just a tad inconvenient say half a mile out to sea) but also there’s the potential for chemicals and bacteria to soak into your lens leading to irritation or, if you’re really unlucky, a seriously nasty eye infection that can even lead to blindness.

The problem here of course is if you’re as short-sighted as I am. In that case if you don’t swim in contact lenses you have a tendency to collide with things like the walls of the pool, three year olds or that dodgy plaster that’s always floating around the top of the water. However, my days of in-pool-toddler-dodging are now over. Behold, my shiny new Sutton Swimwear Opt-9000a prescription swimming goggles.prescription swimming googles sutton-swimwear-opt-9000a/ And now guess how much they sell for? £17.00. That’s right, just seventeen of your English pounds. Last time I investigated prescription swimming goggles (in Australia) the company wanted close to £100 to make a pair suitable for my ‘blind as a bat’ vision causing me to wander off feigning an urgent appointment with someone who didn’t want to bankrupt me – and putting an end to my plan to start doing biathlons before I’d even got my toes wet.

This pair was self assembly, they come in four pieces – a lens for each eye, the headstrap and a nose piece (which comes in three handy sizes). My first piece of advice.  Do not try and put them together in the swimming room changing room. The lenses themselves clip in easily but the nose piece is more tricky. It went in one side but not the other and then it wouldn’t come out again! Which brings me to my second piece of advice: work out which size nose piece might suit you best before trying to put the goggles together. Thankfully there was a man with pliers by the pool or I’d still be sitting there trying to get the blooming thing out.

Once assembled and on though they are excellent. They really grip your face, there’s no leaking or fogging and they’re comfy. I like them, a lot. If you’re interested you’ll can buy them online here. In the meantime consider swimming now added to my fitness repertoire and expect further posts about how my hair has gone green from the chlorine (thankfully I already know if this happens to you pouring a solution of soluble asprin or rubbing in tomato ketchup – and then rinsing it out – are the remedies).

.Swimming pool image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Also, in the spirit of blogger honesty, I did get sent these by their PR (I’m thinking they were hoping I’d place them in a national magazine not here), but I do truly think they are brilliant.

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