Wine Face – I have Wine Face!

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If you’re wondering what I’m talking about it’s basically an idea I spotted in a new book that plopped onto my desk by naturopathic doctor Dr Nigma Talib.

Called Reverse The Signs of Ageing, the book looks at all the factors that can make you look older than you actually are – and ways you can turn that round.

It’s pretty comprehensive…however, my attention was drawn very quickly to Chapter Two in which Dr Talib talks about how she can spot which foods someone is intolerant too – or, even just over-doing – simply by looking at the impact it has on the skin.

Why Food Sensitivities Show Up on Your Face

Dr Talib believes that if you’re overly sensitive to a food it will clearly show in your face – and that time and time again the same foods show up in the same ways. She says she can even spot people on the street who are overdoing a food that doesn’t agree with them. I’ve been studying my face for days….and I absolutely have wine face.

To be honest I kind of knew this anyway – see I interviewed Dr Talib a while back for a feature I was working on.

We got talking about my rubbish gut health (as you do when you’ve got experts on the phone) and she suggested at that point I give up wheat, dairy, sugar and booze to see if that helped. Remember I told you about that here. Sadly, it didn’t stop my reflux issues, I’m still working on those – but woah it made my face look good.

I didn’t even completely give up alcohol – but I still noticed a definite difference – my face was less ruddy and the lines between my brows virtually vanished, no Botox required. Sadly, I haven’t quite decided which I like more – looking younger or drinking wine so I didn’t take up the change permanently!

So, now I know what you’re asking…..could you have wine face? Well here’s a handy checklist of symptoms to take to the mirror….

The Seven Symptoms of Wine Face

Pronounced lines or spots between the brows

Droopy eyelids

Pronounced fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes

Dehydrated skin with feathery lines across the cheeks

Visibly enlarged pores

A reddish skin tone

Deep nasal labial folds

Erm, yes tick all of the above… fact it’s enough to drive me to a Pinot Grigio to cheer myself up! I guess that’s not quite the plan.

Dr Talib has also identified what she calls Gluten Face, Dairy Face and Sugar Face in the book – and again, tells you what clues to look for on your face that explains if you might be overdoing any of those foods too.

Thankfully she also gives lots of tips on what to do if you DO suspect you have any of what she calls ‘The Four Faces of Ageing.’ Reverse The Signs of Ageing is published by Vermilion and is available on amazon here

Disclaimer: I am an Amazon Associate so if you do click the link above, I get a small percentange if you make a purchase


  1. Jonelle Patrick

    No! No! This is terrible news! No wonder I look so much better when I’m in Japan! (><;;)

    1. healthehelen

      Oooh, look you’re here. It’s all working then…and isn’t it easy to leave comments now.

  2. healthehelen

    I believe there may also be Sake and Asahi face.

    1. Jonelle Patrick

      If you tell me there’s also coffee face and chocolate face, I’m going to have to just give up living.

  3. Minnie skalinkie

    I have poured another rioja after reading that! I’m growing old with a ruddy face full of character and ugly enough to scare the grand children should we be blessed with any. Xxx

    Reply this thing on? Talk to me, it's lonely down here

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