Woah….you can dispense soap shaped like Mickey Mouse!


We interrupt our regularly scheduled fitness and nutrition programming today because….you can now squirt soap in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head, and as far as I’m concerned this is big news. Look up there…

Okay so you have to fly to Tokyo and go to Tokyo Disneyland Resort to do it, but can I reiterate; you push down the handle on the soap dispenser and instead of a sticky pink blob you get soapy foam in the shape of a Mickey Mouse head. It’s a joint initiative between Tokyo Disneyland and health and beauty company the Kao Corporation – and they even had an official opening ceremony for the hand washing areas – there’s one in Critter Country in Tokyo Disneyland and one at American Waterfront at Tokyo DisneySea Park, and the idea is that by making washing hands fun they can encourage good hand hygiene in kids. KIDS. I want one of these installed in my own bathroom immediately.

Considering this week the results of a huge study into hand washing were published which looked at what happened when people were encouraged to wash their hands by visiting a website looking at the benefits (Spoiler alert: they got fewer colds, flu and tummy upsets, plus they visited their GP less often and took fewer antibiotics), we know have proof that hand washing is a major health booster. Now I’ve been on that website and trust me, it’s not nearly as much fun as Mickey Mouse soap – although it does have cartoon viruses. I’m already desperate to go back to Japan, now I want to go even more.

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  1. lynnestaubynLynne

    I’m booking my flight now!


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